The only driver they may have in games of chance is their perpetual desire to win.

1. The Director - ESTJ

The Calculated Gambler e.g. Michelle Obama.

Executives are individuals with high morality capable to clearly distinguish right from wrong, embrace the high value of honesty, dignity and dedication. They believe in the rule of law, earned authority and despise laziness and cheating. As 11% percent of the population, the Director will stick to principles, verifiable facts and their ability to analyse all details of the plan at hand before making the final move. These character traits probably make them least interested in gambling.

E Hunter™ comment

In order to win, though, they would probably shun baccarat and roulette (too reliant on luck) and lean towards poker and blackjack. On the other hand, when convinced that the odds are in their favour, they could make a significant stake (therefore, sports betting is not out of the picture). Having in mind the Director's need for social interaction they would probably be a bit more interested in land-based casinos, although a live dealer in online games may sufficiently compensate when necessary.

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Table games, poker and baccarat mostly, could provide them with the possibility to demonstrate intellectual superiority and a great opportunity for a good challenge they just love to have.

2. The Developer - ENTJ

Strategic Gambler. e.g. Steve Jobs.

As a natural-born leader, gifted with charisma, bully boy attitude and confidence, are 3% of the population and project authority worthy of crowds following them. Driven by extreme rational levels they are capable to achieve any goal they set their eyes on by using the inner drive, determination, sharp minds and readiness to take risks. Strong-willed, they do not shy from imposing their logic when it comes to others in order to prevent any irrational developments. Land-based casinos are more likely to intrigue than online considering their excellent ability to read people.

E Hunter™ comment

One way or the other is very important for the Developer to set their gambling limits firmly for they are susceptible to arrogance, condescension and even the occasional significant level of insensitivity, which is when they can get into trouble.

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Not surprisingly, are drawn to gambling in any realm while game choice varies individually. Their logic would find high-risk games intellectually stimulating and they might not be able to resist them.

3. The Results - ESTP

Risky Gambler. e.g. Mike Tyson.

At 4% of the population, the Results likes to be at the centre of attention with an energetic impact on immediate surroundings. Always on the move, they are not shy to take a leap before they look, working out details as they go and learning on the fly. They enjoy drama, passion and pleasure. Not so much for the emotional thrill of it but as a way to stimulate an intelligent mind. Any organised or formulated activity is a major put-down for the Results who sees rules as something to be broken. Enjoying in probably the most perceptive mind of all patterns, they can notice the smallest possible changes.

E Hunter™ comment

They might opt out of baccarat, roulette, slots or blackjack due to a lack of control just as they might find a high-stakes Texas hold’em game irresistible. These are the reasons why the Results should approach gambling very carefully.

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If you want to split your hairline vertically or to realise a problem from any conceivable angle — your own view included — the Inspirational is probably one you would like to hear from.

4. The Inspirational - ENTP

Knowledgeable Gambler. e.g. Walt Disney.

As independent thinkers at 3% of the population, the 'Debater" enjoys demonstrating their quick wit, less for the sake of deeper meaning or purpose and more for others to see it clearly as it is so much fun. The Inspirational truly enjoys mental sparring and in an opportunity to connect what others have not seen as a connection.

E Hunter™ comment

Possessing their levels of intellectual understanding, they will likely engage their brilliant minds in gambling as an opportunity to exercise their knowledge. Any variant of poker and blackjack in a land-based casino would suffice. In doing so, they would probably engage in low-risk bets since they tend to avoid the grunt work that is a necessary activity for big wins. In addition, their inclination to pick apart every single thing that other side does might lead to painful experiences in high-stakes games.

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The Persuader would make a good poker or blackjack player since they love to exercise control.

5. The Persuader - ENFJ

Gambler with Control. e.g. Michael Jordan.

Like the Developer, the Persuader is a charismatic, natural-born leader who is passionate, authentic, concerned and altruistic. Without a bully boy angle is unafraid to speak when they feel they should. At 2% and with only extroversion setting them apart from the Investigator, they are fuelled by the same principles that often lead them into politics, teaching or coaching, where they can exercise influential confidence that can guide others toward improvement. It them, is more likely that they will play in land-based casinos against other players, relying both on their ability to read people and high levels of intuition.

E Hunter™ comment

While roulette might seem to be a bit off for them, it is not inconceivable to imagine them as very good players once they befriended its strategies, provided their bank balance can sustain that passion. They should make for the least problematic players in casinos and would probably be liked by dealers for their generosity.

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The Appraiser strives for games that offer the highest level of control they so keenly exercise.

6. The Appraiser - ESFJ

Practical Gambler. e.g. Larry King.

At 12% excels in any kind of representation. Consequently, they are very popular people. They revel in the spotlight when they can set the tone and lead from the front. They are quite concerned about their appearance, authority and social status while they cherish altruistic traits and take their responsibilities seriously at the same time. Usually a role model and conflict-averse, they can sometimes be hurt when their ideas are rejected or when facing occasional sensitivity issues.

E Hunter™ comment

They would probably be a bit more interested in brick and mortar casinos than in online gambling, enjoying in luxury of roulette or the excitement of craps (with low-stakes bets, of course) or in poker with bit higher bets since it allows them to lead the game the way they like. When gambling they should be conscious of their need to control the situation which might not be the case in games of chance.

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Thrusting often into the spotlight where they excel, the Promoter craves for the freedom to be innovative; in fact, their self-esteem depends on it.

7. The Promoter - ENFP

Exciting Gambler. e.g. Robert Downey Jr.

At 7% are free spirited, highly sociable, charming, energetic, compassionate and independent thinkers, they see life as one big riddle that is not to be solved but enjoyed through the deeper meaning of emotions, compassion and mysticism. They can exercise over-reliance on the intuition that might lead them to misread the signs, often resulting in frustration when they realise there was a less complicated way of doing things.

E Hunter™ comment

Inter-dependable self-esteem and frustration are what requires the Promoter to exercise a very careful approach gambling. Their energy and joy of socialising make them attracted to the lavishness of land-based casinos and table games such as roulette, craps and even poker. They enjoy the thrill of playing and the excitement of taking risks since they thrive in being rewarded but they should set their limits prudently but generally do not.

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Possessing great appreciation and ability to recognise value and quality, the Counselor might be susceptible to living beyond their means.

8. The Counselor - ESFP

Careless Gambler. e.g. Sir Richard Branson.

Spontaneous, likely to be drawn to the excitement of the moment, they love the spotlight big time, relish in socialising, have a great aesthetic sense, are curious and enjoy drama and passion. They like to rely on luck or chance instead of trusting in analysis and repetitive responsibilities that may point out the consequences of the challenge they undertake. They may leap into unaffordable opportunities looking for immediate pleasure.

E Hunter™ comment

When it comes to gambling, they are likely to see it as a social opportunity or hobby making them prominent visitors at the racecourse or greyhound races and in land-based casinos. With such a connection to luck in their lives, it is quite possible to envision them as good baccarat or roulette players. On the other hand, they should be very careful with keeping their budget in line. If this is not checked in time, they may be susceptible to significant losses.

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If there is a good chance of success, the Specialist will follow with their heart.

9. The Specialist - ISFP

Competitive Gambler. e.g. Lady Gaga.

The most artistic pattern they like to push the conventional limits and to upset traditional expectations — a lot. They tend to live in their inner, colorful and sensual worlds inspired by ideas, people and concepts. They love to experiment with perspectives. Most of all, they irresistibly seek the thrill of riskier behaviour being sensitive to feelings of others and valuing harmony at the same time. They face criticism in a hard way and their biggest challenge is planning for the future. All these traits make them not only susceptible to gambling but magnetically drawn to it. Games of chance may be a way to push their limits and challenge them. They could be equally entertained in land-based and online casinos, just as they may enjoy the majority of all games because they see winning as a great personal accomplishment.

E Hunter™ comment

The personal accomplishment is why they should take gambling with high levels of caution, establishing limits wisely for they would probably face gambling losses with difficulty.

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Unlikely fascinated by gambling itself, the Investigator loves the challenge and risk-taking rush it provides.

10. The Investigator - INFJ

Intuitive Gambler. e.g. J.K. Rowling.

The rarest pattern at less than 1%, they are paradox on two legs. Softly spoken with very strong opinions, they are tireless fighters ready to lead any battle in which cause they believe in. Then they disappear once the idealism and morality are gone, decisive and strong-willed for others but almost never for themselves. They employ their creativity, convictions, sensitivity and highly developed intuition to create balance everywhere believing in egalitarianism and meritocracy. Being intuitive and strategic thinkers with focus on the big picture, they are probably attracted by sports betting or roulette instead of table games or poker machines. Their foresight in conjunction with intellectual capacities can make them outstanding backgammon players, while they might indulge in baccarat (and excel occasionally).

E Hunter™ comment

When they establish a connection (with anything, including the game) it is extremely difficult for them to detach. Being heavily affected by any type of failure, they should set their limits when it comes to the potential realm of high-stakes games.

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The Agent can be quite a good gambler because it can provide them with outstanding fun when they need to detach themselves from everybody, which they do.

11. The Agent - INFP

Idealistic Gambler. e.g. Julia Roberts.

At 4%, they are the people you want on your lifeboat although they will not be capable to steer it. Omnipresent silver liners, they are calm, astute, driven by honour, beauty, morality and virtue that drive and sustain their inner flame and passion. They are ready to go to the extremes in order to reach goals they believe in (as true idealists). Relying heavily on intuition, they could be pretty good with slots and roulette, possibly even baccarat; other table games may not be able to provide for expected excitement and entertainment.

E Hunter™ comment

They should be very careful when gambling since they are prone to lose themselves in their quests, occasionally even drift away, lose touch and easily enter hermit mode. This makes them potentially prone to become problematic or even compulsive gamblers. In an ideal world, they (as with the Investigator) should be accompanied in casinos by a trusted advisor.

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It is no surprise the Achiever likes to gamble and it comes naturally to them.

12. The Achiever - ISTP

Spontaneous Gambler. e.g. Vladimir Putin.

At 5%, they are the epitome of explorers possessing rationalism, curiosity, and inner drive to build useful things. They revel in troubleshooting, assembling and disassembling things, just as they enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with others. Having mechanical minds, they can be enigmatic: friendly but private, calm though spontaneous, curious yet unfocused. A challenge to predict as their realism, emotions and sense of fairness intersect. While land-based casinos may appear slightly more enticing than virtual spaces, they would probably make for good poker and blackjack players, or any game that provides for the strategic display of their mindset. Advanced betting or backgammon might also be interesting options.

E Hunter™ comment

In gambling they should be aware of their need to make a reasonable profit out of their activities.

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The Practitioner often relies on their excellent memory and perception which can make them good blackjack players.

13. The Practitioner - ISFJ

Perfectionistic Gambler. e.g. Beyoncé

A quite unique personality type at 13%, they have outstanding analytical abilities, quite developed social skills (regardless of being introverts), are somewhat receptive to change (irrespective to their judging trait), possess enormous desire to do good, are meticulous and, above all, perfectionists that take responsibility on a personal level that enables them to go above and beyond regularly. To exceed expectations and delight others come naturally as long as conflict is absent.

E Hunter™ comment

They are humble, underplay their accomplishments and bounce off the compliments preferring to stay out of the spotlight at any cost. Since they usually prefer to compete only with themselves (much more than with the others), on line betting and gaming may be a more likely choice than land-based casinos. They can easily correlate to random number generated games. They can also be outstanding backgammon players. While not too susceptible to compulsive gambling, they should pay attention to their perfectionism trait that can sometimes lead them one step way too much.

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The Objective Thinker usually plays poker, and can indeed excel at it. As they may struggle to express emotion or affection externally, a good trait for a poker face, they often consider other games too volatile for their taste.

14. The Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Serious Gambler. e.g. Jeff Bezos.

Representing a large 13%, their characteristics are responsibility, integrity, practical logic, accountability and an almost tireless devotion to their duty. Not being impulsive, they do not take risks and analyse, fact-check surroundings with little assumptions. No-nonsense people with little tolerance to indecisiveness, they have a sharp, fact-based mindset, with a high sense of personal integrity. On the other hand, they tend to lose patience when challenged by unconventional and impractical or unviable theories. They can be rather stubborn when it comes to controlling the stability and efficiency which can sometimes result in a strain going unchecked for years.

E Hunter™ comment

Their character enables them to utilize and maximize strategy and rules to their benefit while their gambling Achilles heel may be exposed against eccentric players capable to get under their skin.

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Mentally attuned to skills improvement, the Perfectionist would be more comfortable with poker, blackjack and maybe even with roulette.

15. The Perfectionist - INTP

Logical Gambler. e.g. Charles Darwin.

They enjoy usually high levels of intellect and substantial creative capacities. Always conceiving new ideas, new concepts, abstract strategies and stuff, they may often seem detached and indifferent to the remaining 97% of the population. Possessing significant fear of failure, they are willing to do anything to avoid it, including to reevaluate their own ingeniosity. When it comes to gambling, it correlates to a low likelihood of games based on luck as the prevailing factor, like slots, betting, lotteries and baccarat.

E Hunter™ comment

Logical thinking and intuition would do them well in poker, just as analytical mind and a strategic worldview might help them make money in blackjack. But only to a certain extent, though, because they do not like to take high-risks unless they are absolutely positive of the outcome. If assured, on the other hand, they indeed enjoy in an adrenalin rush, even strive for it; therefore, the land-based casino would suit them better than online one.

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The Enhancer prefers to have a plan for everything and will act upon it only if they are assured of the success and benefits, regardless of how enticing the opportunity may be.

16. The Enhancer - ENTJ

Confident Gambler. e.g. Nicola Tesla.

One of the rarest types at 2%, they are confident players. Striving perpetually for knowledge and enjoying their high intellectual levels, they rely on introversion, intuition judgment and, most of all, on their thinking abilities to make sound judgment. Whatever they do, it has to be logical and must be analyzed properly. This pattern is not a fan of the 'leap of fate' idea.

E Hunter™ comment

With security as a paramount characteristic, they are gambling-wise low-risk takers that would most likely be engaged in table games like poker and its variants, where their brilliant minds would compensate for the luck factor. Generally highly confident, they might prefer brick and mortar casinos more than online ones, since they could benefit from other players and their telltale signs. [I am an Enhancer and all gambling could close down without me noticing or caring. But I might have a few bob each way at the track.]

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