Yes. But, like any method based on rational behaviour, limits can be found where it simply not possible to achieve an harmonious outcome. It's at it's limit if there is mental impairment, the person is irrational or unable or unwilling to move on an issue. This is not surprising and is why the courts are full. It will take extreme discipline to keep your cool, but it is essential to do so. For example, while some experts say that you never tell a procrastinator (generally a Disc Promoter) to "just do it", the practicality is that the only way is to have a penalty for not doing the task. e.g. ceasing a friendship; taking your business elsewhere; threatening or taking legal action. This circumstance is is exactly why kids have the threat of a detention at school hanging over them for repeatedly coming in late or not finishing their homework.

GST - Yes. We have an ABN but that is not 'Elevanto'. Tax Invoice - Yes.

Generally $129 per hour for our Elevanto Commando™ with 43 years business experience. Limited availability due to retirement.

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