Director - ESTJ

Observed: Confident. Business-like. Visionary. Thinks out loud. Uses diagrams, charts, notes.
Style: Ideas appear like hard and fast judgments. Swaps subjects.
Likes: Debate, argument, analytical feedback, sharing thoughts.
Dislikes: Discussing emotions; feelings.
Danger: Confusing to understand as futuristic, metaphorical, abstract, blunt, direct.
Liked topics: Goals and plans for the future, current hobbies, projects and achievements.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“I’m trying to come up with a good plan. Can I get your help?”; “What do you want to be doing in five years?”; “What projects are you enjoying right now?”

Rank: 4/10

by B. Collie

Developer - ENTJ

Observed: Confident. Business-like. Visionary. Thinks out loud. Uses diagrams, charts, notes.
Style: Ideas appear like hard and fast judgments. Swaps subjects.
Likes: Debate, argument, analytical feedback, sharing thoughts.
Dislikes: Discussing emotions; feelings. Beating around the bush. Small talk.
Danger: Confusing to understand as futuristic, metaphorical, abstract.
Liked topics: Goals, strategies and big picture concepts or ideas.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“I’ve got a goal, can you give me your input on a strategy?”; “I’ve got an idea. I need your no-holds-barred opinion!”; “Where do you want to be in 15 years? What do you think the world will be like then?”

Rank: 6/10

by G. Shepherd

Results - ESTP

Observed: Literal. Realistic. Objective, Analytical. Storyteller. Lively. Witty. Makes others laugh or smile.
Style: Picks up on body language. Does not think out loud. Gestures.
Likes: Sharing experiences. Swapping yarns.
Dislikes: Discussing emotions; feelings.
Danger: Internally analyse; speak conclusion after considering the facts.
Liked topics: Current projects, favourite games, music, food, exciting opportunities.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done recently?”; “I have this crazy idea…”; “There’s ___ happening tonight, do you want to go?”

Rank: 3/10

by J. Russell

Inspirational - ENTP

Observed: Creative. Energetic. Logical.
Style: Broad scope and big-picture implications of their inspiring ideas.
Likes: Lively debate. Analyse things, categorize them, see where they fit in the grand scheme of things.
Dislikes: Small talk. Nitty-gritty details.
Danger: Connections and patterns make them jump from one idea to another.
Liked topics: Ideas for the future, theoretical possibilities, creative solutions, big picture, brainstorming.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:"I’ve got this crazy idea and I want to know what you think”; “Can you help me brainstorm some possibilities or solutions to this problem?”; “What are you currently interested in or learning about?”

Rank: 5/10

by B. Terrier

Persuader - ENFJ

Observed: Uses “we’s” and “us’s”. Enthusiastic. Inspiring.
Style: Warm, tactful and engaging. Reacts to mood and body language. Passionate about values.
Likes: In-depth discussions, esp. theories, the future, feelings and needs.
Dislikes: Critical environment, impersonal technical analysis.
Danger: Metaphors; abstract words.
Liked topics: Sharing their passion, listening to people’s inspiration, motivation, goals and dreams.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“I really need to talk to someone, are you able to listen?”; “I’m not sure what the right thing to do is in this situation. Can I get your advice?”; “What are your biggest goals and dreams for the future?”

Rank: 8/10

by T. Boxer

Appraiser - ESFJ

Observed: Uses “we’s” and “us’s”. Care with words with details and facts. Time sensitive. Reads the room.
Style: Wants common ground, harmony. Politically correct.
Likes: Taking care of the group.
Dislikes: Debate or critical analysis. Offending. Creating rivalry. Tech talk if no human side. Having values steamrolled.
Danger: Irritating to debaters.
Liked topics: Getting to know people better. Sharing experiences, plans for the future, laughing about funny occurrences or TV shows.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“Could I get your advice on something?”; “What do you enjoy doing when you are done with your responsibilities?”; “What’s your experience with….”

Rank: 4/10

by G. Dane

Promoter - ENFP

Observed: Warm. Empathetic. Lively. Inspirational.
Style: Jumps from one idea to the next with random data.
Likes: Brainstorming. The future. Personal growth. Improving the world. Questions theories and rules.
Dislikes: Small talk. Details, inc personal details.
Danger: More concerned with ideas than daily experiences.
Liked topics: New ideas, possibilities for the future, brainstorm unique and offbeat theories.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“I’ve just started learning about (new theory). What do you think about it?”; “Let’s brainstorm some solutions for this problem!”; “If you could have it your way, where would you like to be in ten years?”

Rank: 4/10

by G. Retriever

Counselor - ESFP

Observed: Warm. Enthusiastic. Soft. Caring. Energetic. Charismatic.
Style: “Buzz” of liveliness, uses physical gestures and mannerisms.
Likes: Focus on present. Storytelling of experiences.
Dislikes: Theoretical. Criticisers and pessimists.
Danger: Dislikes being rushed into making decisions.
Liked topics: New events or activities to pursue, funny or entertaining yarns, a project that might help someone in some way.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“Anything interesting or funny happen in your life recently?”; “I’m working on a project, and I’d love your input!”; “What’s your idea of a fun / experience with me?”

Rank: 2/10

by A. Poodle

Specialist - ISFP

Observed: Open-minded. Empathetic. Easy-going. Avoids “shoulds” or “should not’s”.
Style: Present tense, focus on present and past.
Likes: Talking of adventures. Upholding values.
Dislikes: Conflict, debate, centre of attention, theories, pushing views.
Danger: Leaves or becomes animated if mocked.
Liked topics: Current passions and projects while avoiding emotions and values.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“Can I ask your opinion on something?”; “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?”; “Are you working on any interesting projects right now?”

Rank: 0/10

by S. Bernard

Investigator - INFJ

Observed: Uses metaphors and symbols. Rapport.
Style: Swaps between between topics and socially smooth and friendly to mysterious and vague.
Likes: Future visions, insights, predictions, possibilities.
Dislikes: Critical talk or debate.
Danger: Leaves or mediator when others affected. Misunderstood.
Liked topics: Big picture concepts and possibilities/ideas that will help people. Creative solutions to complex problems or strategising.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“I’m confused by something. Can you tell me what I’m not seeing and it's personal?”; “Have you read or learned anything interesting lately?” ; “I need to create a plan so I can reach (X) goal. Can you help me?”

Rank: 6/10

by G. Hound

Agent - INFP

Observed: Reserved. Empathetic. Not "preachy".
Style: Does not like to tell how others “should” live, respecting individuality.
Likes: Theory, future, animals, world.
Dislikes: Others imposing beliefs, rules or privacy. Criticising. Coercing. Delegating. On the spot. Large groups. Small talk.
Danger: Idealists and dreamers. Mocking = silent, passionate or gone.
Liked topics: Imaginative possibilities, causes, ideas, motivation, creative pursuits or personal endeavours.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“Can I confide in you about something privately?” “Have you read any good books or heard any really good songs lately?” “I want to make a difference in the world in (X) way…I want my life to mean something. Do you know what I mean?”

Rank: 2/10

by A. Tibetan

Achiever - ISTP

Observed: Opinionated. Concise. Factual. Direct.
Style: Particular and precise about vocabulary and phrasing. Does not ramble. Reserved but is attentive.
Likes: Telling conclusions or decisions once they have been fully formed.
Dislikes: Discuss feelings / emotion.
Danger: More stoic than they really are; emotional if stressed.
Liked topics: Practical, technology, exciting or enjoyable activities, problem-solving, discussing adventures or opportunities.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“Can you help me figure something out / advise?” “What are your favorite games or hobbies?” ; “If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have three things with you, what would you bring?”

Rank: 1/10

by H. Bassett

Practitioner - ISFJ

Observed: Sequential order. Easy to follow. Uses examples. Comparative words "tastes like".
Style: Thinks and reflects. Relays information. Empathetic.
Likes: The person they are speaking to feels heard.
Dislikes: Debate, conflict, new theory, long range forecasting, rush.
Danger: Over sensitive to criticism. Hates debate as that is conflict.
Liked topics: Plans, experiences, relationships, hobbies and projects.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“What kind of projects or hobbies do you have?”; “Can I ask your advice on something?” ; “What’s your experience with….?”

Rank: 4/10

by A. Malamute

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Observed: Thinks before speaks. Reflect before response. Sequential. Detailed. Comparative words.
Style: Main goal is to relay facts and experiences; not exaggerate or a lot of physical movement; recalls past.
Likes: Not being centre of attention.
Dislikes: Discussing feelings or emotion especially on the spot.
Danger: Being blindsided.
Liked topics: Practical realities; hobbies and interests.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?”; “What are your hobbies?”; “What do you think is the most logical approach to…”

Rank: 3/10

by B. Mountain

Perfectionist - INTP

Observed: Pauses first. Does not think out loud. Precise. Well prepared.
Style: Categorises data into finer and finer pieces. Looks bored.
Likes: Logical analysis, no black and white approach.
Dislikes: Discussing feelings or emotion especially with strangers. Pressure.
Danger: Takes a long time to come to have closure on ideas or plans.
Liked topics: Current hobbies or fascinations.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“I’m stumped on this problem, do you have any ideas or solutions?”; “What’s the most interesting book you’ve read lately?” “What do you think of (interesting theory/concept)?”

Rank: 2/10

by P. Illon

Enhancer - INTJ

Observed: Uses metaphors and symbols. Flexes from slow to wordy and passionate. Strong communicator. Questions everything.
Style: Strategy + intuition + thinking.
Likes: Discussing meanings, implications and visions for the future.
Dislikes: Coercion to discuss feelings or emotion, especially with strangers. Senseless drama. Small talk.
Danger: Very sure about opinion and analysis. Does not care about other's opinions.
Liked topics: Big picture concepts and possibilities/theories.
Chatterbocks™ Starters:“I have a complex problem I’d love your input on” ; “What’s your opinion on (theory/concept)?”; “Have you learned/read anything interesting lately?”

Rank: 4/10

by A. Ghan

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