At the Movies

D: Comes in late and makes everyone stand while taking a middle seat.
I: Attends in groups and applauds and talks during the entire movie.
S: Gets there 15 minutes early and is seeing the film again.
C: Reads reviews before attending.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - At the Movies

At the Crowded Lift

D: Walks up, gets in and pushes the button that closes the door.
I: Lets others in, says “Always room for one more. We’ll wait for you!”
S: Waits in line, moving from one line to another, unable to make a decision.
C: Gets in. 'Counts' the number of people and, if the number is over the limit, will make someone get out.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - At the Crowded Lift

At the Supermarket

D: Impulse shopper. No list.
I: Tells you where everything is in the store, whether you ask or not.
S: Is prepared, has a list and gets it done efficiently.
C: Would not think of going shopping without coupons and a calculator. Might have worked out next week's meals.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - At the Supermarket

At the Golf Course

D: Frequently drives through groups of golfers.
I: Spends more time in the clubhouse talking than on the course.
S: Plays golf the same day, the same time, the same place, using the same clubs.
C: Keeps score, plays strictly by the rules and cleans their clubs a lot.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - At the Golf Course

Hanging Wallpaper

D: Gets a helper who brings the paste. Patterns don’t match. Announces that’s what drapes and pictures are for.
I: Has the wallpaper in the shed with the paste. Still has not started.
S: Finds a pattern that everyone likes before even thinking about hanging it.
C: Starts in a wardrobe to be sure the pattern is going to exactly match.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Hanging Wallpaper

At their Desk

D: Messy. “It’s there somewhere — you look for it.”
I: Says they are busy and asks for time. No idea where it is, but won’t admit it.
S: Drops everything to get it for you, then offers to refill your coffee at the same time.
C: Everything is filed in alphabetical order or by colour code.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - At their Desk


D: Cannot cook without a microwave.
I: Likes to cook for groups; has an extra place set at the table in case of unexpected company.
S: Prepares a meal from scratch and rotates around a dozen standard recipes.
C: Cannot cook without a timer and measuring cups.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Cooking

Reading a Newspaper

D: Mainly reads the headlines and scatters the sections in the process.
I: Will read the obituaries first to see if they find anyone they know.
S: Looks over the entire paper and clips interesting articles.
C: Contacts, or threatens to contact, the newspaper if a word is incorrectly spelt.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Reading a Newspaper

New Year Resolution

D: If I decide to do it, it will get done.
I: I think it's going to be a great year, so I do not need to make any resolutions.
S: If everyone else is making them; then I will too. Nothing too big, though. Small changes can make a big difference.
C: Statistically, the number of resolutions that fail within the first three months of the year indicate the futility of undertaking this exercise.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - New Year Resolution

Weekend Plans

D: Skydiving! Or anything with an adrenaline rush.
I: A water park sound like the place to be and make new friends.
S: Spending time with the family and taking care of their needs.
C: Getting the chores done and updating the tasks list.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Weekend Plans

In a Planning Meeting

D: I plan to double everyone's target for next year and they have to figure out how to meet it.
I: It's been a fabulous year. My strategic plans for the next is to make it even more fabulous.
S: I hope nothing changes. Last year's plan is good enough to re-use next year. And I just got used to it.
C: Goals should be realistic and outline a step by step process to reach them. You cannot just throw numbers up in the air!

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - In a Planning Meeting

Waiting in line

D: Taps the floor and, if given the chance, will jump the line. If a long line, will demand to see the manager.
I: Uses the time to chat to others in the line. As soon as they reach the register, start to tell their life story, medications they are on, causing an even longer line.
S: Waits patiently without complaining. If the I initiates a conversation, will tag along. Secretly despises the person who tries to jump the line but will avoid conflict.
C: Probably ordered on line and is only picking up the goods to save time. If stuck in line, sits tight, does not look around and reads an article on their phone.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Waiting in line

Negotiating a deal

D: We've got a deal when you offer me exactly what I want.
I: We're friends. No need to sign anything, no need to put it in writing or get into details.
S: Let's go over the warranties again. I'm afraid that I do not feel secure enough.
C: Here's a list of what your competitor would provide. Let's see how you would beat this.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Negotiating a deal

Being described

D: Choleric. Tend to be more extroverted. Described as independent, decisive, goal-oriented, and ambitious. These factors, combined with a dominant, result-oriented outlook make natural leaders. In Greek, Medieval and Renaissance times they were also violent, vengeful and short-tempered.
I: Sanguine. Primarily highly talkative, enthusiastic, active and social. Tend to be more extroverted and enjoy being part of a crowd; they find that being social, outgoing and charismatic is easy to accomplish. Have a hard time doing nothing and engage in more risk seeking behaviour.
S: Phlegmatic. Tend to be relaxed, peaceful, quiet and easy-going. Sympathetic and caring about others, yet they try to hide emotions. Good at generalizing ideas or problems to the world and making compromises.
C: Melancholic. Tend to be analytical, detail-oriented and deep thinkers and feelers. They are introverted and try to avoid being singled out in a crowd. This leads to self-reliant individuals who are thoughtful, reserved and often anxious. Often striving for perfection within themselves and surroundings, which leads to tidy and detail oriented behaviour.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Being described

With a bushfire approaching

D: I don't need to do any preparation. I can tackle anything that Mother Nature throws at me in a heartbeat.
I: What a great chance for the community to come together and unite. Everyone will be thrilled to be able to toast the marshmallows by the fire.
S: I need to call all my friends and tell them that the fire is approaching. A little longer notice from the Fire Department would be nice so that I can prepare properly.
C: I have a bushfire plan and my pantry and freezer are always full. This will be a great time to show everyone how they should be prepared.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - With a bushfire approaching

Writing an essay or report

D: Why do I have to use sentences rather than bullet points? And 500 words. I can express my point with 200.
I: I remember that I had to write this but I did a drawing instead. A picture can paint a thousand words.
S: Good things come to those who wait. The due date is tomorrow night. I'll definitely do it tomorrow.
C: I'm not overly detailed nor over the word limit. I have prepared an appendix to prove you wrong.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Writing an essay or report

Delegating responsibility

D: So here is the goal. You can figure it all out. Do it quickly.
I: My only responsibility is to shine and I cannot delegate that. I'll help with anything else.
S: Delegating means sharing responsibilities, working as a team and winning together. I do not mind if I have to do a bit more to help others.
C: To delegate or not is not even a question. I'll do it myself as checking everyone else's work doubles the time to achieve anything.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Delegating responsibility

When sick with the flu

D: That's a little setback, but it will not make me give up. I'll just continue working until it goes away.
I: This is the worst flu ever and I am the only one who will survive it by sharing my experience on Facebook every five minutes.
S: I'm really sorry that I have let the team down by being sick. But all I want to do is to watch TV while I am in bed recovering.
C: Everyone says that I have the flu but I'm sure that I have malaria.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - When sick with the flu

Learning Style

D: Give me the overall picture and I will decide if I need any more details later.
I: Make it interactive and do not bog me down with details. I never remember details.
S: Do not overload me with too much information. I need to master one thing at a time.
C: Please take your time to tell me every single detail that I want to know.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Learning Style

Daylight Saving Time Change

D: Now I have one hour less to do all my tasks. I love to compete with the clock as I always win.
I: Time change? I have my own time. I am always late.
S: Not again. I just got used to the previous time change.
C: There are so many pros and cons; all based on fact. This is frustrating.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Daylight Saving Time Change

Descriptor - High D Quadrant

Notice them as: Loud Mouth Larry.
Characteristics: Direct, Decisive, High Ego Strength, Problem Solver, Risk Taker, Self Starter, Bully.
Core Belief: I’m valuable if I’m producing or on top.
Approx. Population US: 18.0%.

Quadrant: Dominance.

The eagle's tactics:

Descriptor - High I Quadrant

Notice them as: Chatty Cathy.
Characteristics: Enthusiastic, Trusting, Optimistic, Persuasive, Talkative, Impulsive, Emotional.
Core Belief: I’m valuable if I can attract people.
Approx. Population US: 31.2%.

Quadrant: Influence.

The peacock's tactics:

Descriptor - High S Quadrant

Notice them as: Plain Jane.
Characteristics: Good Listener, Team Player, Possessive, Steady, Predictable, Understanding, Friendly.
Core Belief: I’m valuable if I’m accepted, if I can please.
Approx. Population US: 20.0%.

Quadrant: Steadiness.

The dove's tactics:

Descriptor - High C Quadrant

Notice them as: Nervous Nellie.
Characteristics: Accurate, Analytical, Conscientious, Careful, Fact-finder, Precise, High Standards, Systematic.
Core Belief: I’m valuable if I’m competent.
Approx. Population US: 30.8%.

Quadrant: Conscientiousness.

The owl's tactics:

Read the High D Quadrant

Tone: Firm.
Asks: What?
Speech style: Directive tones, abrupt, interrupts, intentional.
Body language: Big gestures, leans forward, advancing
Does things: The fast way.
Personal Decor: Large desk, awards, useful accessories.

Quadrant: Dominance.

The eagle's tactics:

Read the High I Quadrant

Tone: Chatty.
Asks: Who?
Speech style: Talkative, varied tones, personal, easily distracted.
Body language: Expressive, friendly posture, amusing.
Does things: The fun way.
Personal Decor: Flashy, trendy, fun pictures.

Quadrant: Influence.

The peacock's tactics:

Read the High S Quadrant

Tone: Friendly.
Asks: How?
Speech style: Conversational, warm tones, friendly, prefers listening.
Body language: Gentle gestures, reassuring.
Does things: The traditional way.
Personal Decor: Family pictures, personal mementos.

Quadrant: Steadiness.

The dove's tactics:

Read the High C Quadrant

Tone: Factual.
Asks: Why?
Speech style: Clarifying, monotone, logical, questioning.
Body language: Unemotional, controlled gestures, assessing.
Does things: The proper way.
Personal Decor: Aesthetically pleasing, unique, functional.

Quadrant: Conscientiousness.

The owl's tactics:

Select when you know are High D

General: Direct, strong-willed, forceful, fast-paced and skeptical.
D: Direct, strong-willed, self-reliant, independent thinker, direct, ambitious, assertive, straight-forward, belligerent, controlling, easily-bored, bold, firm, tough-minded, outspoken. {=2 Developer - ENTJ}.
DI: Convincing and daring, active, results-oriented, vocal, enthusiastic, assertive, quick, dynamic, inquisitive, persuasive, rebellious, restless, colourful, charming, intimidating, bold, driven, entrepreneurial. {=4 Inspirational - ENTP if Flaky or =3 Results - ESTP if Empty promises}.
DC: Resolute and strong-willed, drives for perfection, takes initiative, diligent, strong-willed, determined, creative, blunt, critical, aloof, cool, focussed, tough-minded. {=1 Director - ESTJ}.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Select when you know are High D

Select when you know are High I

General: Sociable, talkative, lively, fast-paced and accepting.
I: Highly sociable, lively, energetic, gregarious, persuasive, enthusiastic, impulsive, distracted, emotional, self-promoting, trusting, influential, magnetic, outgoing. {=7 Promoter - ENFP}.
ID: Animated, inspiring, friendly, high energy, poised, persuasive, open, ambitious, self-promoting, trusting, influential, impatient, indecisive, adventurous, charismatic. {=5 Persuader ENFJ if Jealous or =6 Appraiser - ESFJ if Relies on others}.
IS: Upbeat, lighthearted, warm, friendly, accepting, collaborative, supportive, empathetic, team player, positive, enthusiastic, patient, sentimental, deadline-challenged, late, conflict-adverse, cheerful, sociable. {=8 Counselor - ESFP}.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Select when you know are High I

Select when you know are High S

General: Gentle, accommodating, soft-hearted, moderate-paced and accepting.
S: Pleasantly calm and accommodating of others, sincere, dependable, cautious, patient, listener, understanding, optimistic, predictable, passive, modest, tactful, slow to anger, want to be liked, gentle. {=9 Specialist - ISFP}.
SI: Supportive, agreeable, collaborative, well-liked, people-connector, conflict-averse, team-spirited, welcoming, cheerful, positive, encouraging, upbeat, over-extended, approachable, generous, compassionate, warm-hearted. {=11 Agent - INFP}.
SC:Modest, unassuming, stable, consistent, cautious, predictable, accommodating, patient, diplomatic, obliging, analytical, inflexible, self-controlled, reliable, systematic, thoughtful, soft-spoken, modest. {=10 Inspirational - INFJ if Too secretive or =12 Achiever - ISTP if No filter}.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Select when you know are High S

Select when you know are High C

General: Private, analytical, logical, moderate-paced and skeptical.
C: Analytical, private, detached, accurate, restrained, reserved, conscientious, disciplined, logical, rational, skeptical, fact-finder, nit-picking, diligent. {=14 Objective Thinker - ISTJ}.
CS: Quiet, self-controlled, perfectionistic, cautious, reflective, stable, reliable, orderly, even-tempered, fair-minded, precise, well-prepared, careful, patient, conventional.
{=13 Practitioner - ISFJ if Dances with whomever sings the loudest or =15 Perfectionist - INTP if Socially awkward}.
CD: Unsentimental, matter-of-fact, Ultra skeptical, determined, questioning, critical thinker, analytical, stubborn, impatient, blunt, cold, cynical, objective, independent, disciplined, systematic, high standards. {=16 Enhancer - INTJ}.

Unique Elevanto Imposition™ - Select when you know are High C