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Elevanto is an initiative of the Elizabeth Hunter™ conglomerate.

Elevanto appears to have started it's own world...

Hmmm. The most common Disc Patterns found among senior managers are: Director (22.8%); Objective Thinker (20.7%); Developer (17.7%); Enhancer (11.2%). Total for 72.4% of all executives. The Practitioner is the worst leader. Just watch how Scott Morrison goes. Tell your friends that you learned this here! Who should you choose as a leader / manager then?

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A.Find their

Are they in - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness or Conscientiousness?

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B.Pick their

Choose one of 16. Try the Archdeacons™ descriptions.

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This is the the key. Implement Titanium Imposition™ (or Platinum!)

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Which Bird is Which Quadrant?

The angry people in these images are just that. We do not know the quadrant yet.
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Full Elevanto Method™ - Step 1

Pick Their Disc Pattern

Helpful to know yours;
essential to know the other person's.

Full Elevanto Method™ - Step 2

Correct Titanium Imposition™

The whole mission is to treat the other person the way they want to be treated.

Full Elevanto Method™ - Step 3

Pack your bus correctly™

For ongoing management, why not implement the 'Bus Theory' developed by the legendary business guru, James C. Collins?


Elevanto Titanium Imposition™

Why Choose Titanium Imposition™?

It's daunting to master initially, but extremely useful when you do!


Although this will potentially upset some viewers, 40 years in business gives us the view that everyone will do way better if they are trained to impose correctly.


We have that many stories of abjectly hapless efforts when success was in reach, yet consumed appallingly by the jaws of defeat, often enhanced by embarrassment and humiliation. If only you, the viewers, knew how.


Client on third .05 offence. Drove car without interlock and recorded 0.035. Looking at maximum of around $18,000+ fine and up to 18 months. Received $900 fine, $120 costs.
Sacked hopeless barrister who charged $770 per day and represented himself with our guidance. Used Titanium Imposition™.

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Follow the Bouncing Ball

It is preferable for you to know your Disc or Myers Briggs.

Know your Own

It is preferable to know your own Disc. The author's is Enhancer or INTJ. It gives you an understanding of what this is all about.

Pick the others Pattern

If you have not done this, how can you treat the other person the way they want to be treated. Many do not like being compartmentalised. But who told them?

Impose Correctly

The heart of the system! The method is applicable in a wide variety of settings, including yours.

For Business

Link the Titanium Imposition™ with the methodology and philosophy of James C. Collins.


We use this technique daily. We charge $A129 per hour including GST if you get stuck and need to address a conflict.


This may be the best decision you have made if you are having problems with your family, your staff, your boss, your customers, your suppliers etc.


Again, discover the Elevanto Method. It's unique.

"Hang out with people better than you, and you cannot help but improve. If you hang around with
people who behave worse than you, pretty soon you’ll start being pulled in that direction."

-- Warren Buffett, 1930-, US Business magnate --